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from 2009 - 2016 by nak

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Fruits: The Mixtape (2012)


It’s another sound for the hopeful- resounding the vocals
Abounds in the now, back down to the old school
Found in the mountains; it drowns in the coastal
From man with a crown to the average of town folk
The tallest of them buildings... every province, every city
From ground underneath to the top of the ceiling:
A tall squeal for hope drowns audible grieving
Wisdom’s on streets and she oughta be screaming
We seek for the meaning and bleed for the purpose
Deceiving our peers with the strength on the surface
Concealing the pain: so we spend and we purchase
Expensive with splurges, but still feeling worthless
I’m here to say... if you rise, then it’s worth it
Scars only bring about strength to the dermis
Perfection involves every flame in the furnace
And true hope’s synonymous with pain and endurance

The sun needs to set way before it ever rises
We will never let the dark times come define us

So rise and shine!
Reach into your destiny
Now rise and shine!
Now repeat: “this was meant for me!”
The sun needs to set way before it ever rises
But we will never let the dark times come define us

I lack the consistency crash systemically
Additionally addicted to illicit rationalities
I’m fidgeting with my fingers as I’m sitting upon uncertainty
Extinguishing that certainly these images are murking me
I lurk about the outskirts of eternal burning furnace
Yearning... God reactivate my lack of pure discernment
If there’s any other way, Father, take from me the chalice
But He said that cowardice will never take me to the palace
The townspeople laughed at my challenge to the dragon
This road is too narrow for the baggage that I’m dragging
My walk with God’s lagging like a caravan and wagon
I feel like life’s faster than the “famine on a stallion”
Trapped as I’m famished in backwardness of action:
Extracting these passions in... “seconds of a fraction”
I’m acting and poised to rejoice in these null chords
Speaks with authority endorsed with no force
Closed is the Word, lukewarm and so forth
So I don’t even think that there’s a “point” in his dull “sword”
And if it isn’t Christ, tell me what is this pulse for?
‘Cause I just want to see me transformed in this cold corpse
So light up my steps and I put my best forward
Never holding me back; sever seven fresh cords
Fractured’s the path to the road of my endeavors
And though you may have won the battle; but this hope is mine forever.

And this sadness never ever gets the best of me
Revival is, in essence, bringing death to every elegy
Mind of a child opens up the gate of heavenly
What’s the use in logic when the truth is elementary?
You are not a threat to me, taking back my destiny
Cultivate the roots and now it’s blessing my heredity
Now rise and shine! Revival every morning
Cause hope is in the “Son” and that’s exactly how it’s meant to be.


from 2009 - 2016, released April 16, 2017
Lyrics: NAK
Production: Wy-I (Youtube.com/elcattiv0)
Cuts: DJ Illogic (SessionsLA.com)




nak California

Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.

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