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sounds for the hopeful / hope

from 2009 - 2016 by nak

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Sounds for the Hopeful (Hope)
Heartfelt (2010)


When NAK operates, I’m shaking all the tectonic plates
-Phonics I display be making ya body oscillate
The heaven sent one- thoughts heavy as ten tons
Force of ten lungs, the fury of ten suns
...Of course... I scorch floor boards when recording this
A dying rap game, I force the metamorphosis
...you get ripped whole if you spit those myths poems
You corny as rick roll, but I enrich souls
...You can’t stop me... I’m leaving your chains broke
I tear apart the chords to individual notes
(‘Cause I’m) Emanating a legacy that’s inspiring the faceless
(And I) Radiate longevity in cryogenic stasis
(So you got a deep crew?) Well I got a youth group
And we shine the light for whom to all the glory is due
So you cowards ain’t thinking thinking you could hurt me-
-I burst free with Philippians four thirteen

I walk this broad street with a fist full of keys
I’m unlocking the links on your wrists and your feet
Christ is the way, the relief that you seek
The hope for the bleak and the strength for the weak
--And even though these dark rays permeate the day
We still gotta have faith to create the way
And my name is NAK; on bent knees to pray
And that’s where I’m gonna stay until I see the sun rays

Rhyme refines souls- the provider of the substance
My writing is the sculpture of Christ when He functions
So when the tongue hits, I shift the sediment
God knocking on your ear, so you better let Him in
It’s evident, represent addressing it indelibly
And elevate the passion that’s embedded in the melody
--Peddling a vision; steady I be inspiring
Bringing a revival when the pen hits the psyche ...
...Humanity... take a step, breathe-
-With gasp of relief, I resuscitate the weak...
(So know that) NAK be running with cold facts
I’m shining insight cause’ life don’t come a road map
(Known fact) these cats wanna rap and D-GAF (nah)
I attach to the light and bring it back like a relapse...
faith of a seed, I walk these high seas-
-with Christ behind me, now let the blind see!

Christ from the heavenly, balance within me
I choose to glorify with every talent He gives me
Ditch the misery; it’s a sound for the hopeful
Resound the gospel... (resonate the vocals)
Quotes grip the soul, force cats to release
-The concealed inner beast with a masterful steeze
You looking for the meaning but the world so shallow
We deep like the parables my master would teach
Be first to speak, yet never holding my peace
So I stretch out my arms to all of humanity
Release these pieces... create the collage.
Listen to your God, find truth in the facade
I do it for infinity, I do it for the goal
I do it for eternal well being of the soul
My vision is a mission out bridging the division
The redefinition of rap made by a Christian


from 2009 - 2016, released April 16, 2017
Lyrics: NAK
Production: LJ Perez




nak California

Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.

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