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heartmelt part two

from 2009 - 2016 by nak

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Heartmelt: Part Two (Introduction)
"Sincerely," EP (2012)
NAK & Elyon Beats


From “blackness to black,” “C sharp to B flat”
I’m a walking relapse who wants his dreams back
My path once “static” like pop and feedback
A soul once “breaking:” “pop lock,” and “lean back”
But then I opened up my life and then I let Him enter it
He looked into my heart, and then He took it out and emptied it
Carrying the promise made to Judah down to Benjamin
And burying the past and made the future sing the requiem.
If Hip Hop is dying, I’m a nurse with a license
Stays by the bedside, administering vitamins
Giving him the Vicodin; checking on the vital signs:
Breaths in a minute, pulse, temperature in Fahrenheit.
I'm trading in my carousel... suckers and my caramels
For training with my rapier and crushing every parallel
Enemy armada steady aiming with the glare of Hell
I’ll sneak aboard the harbor, set aflame to every caravel
I rip darkness, and every single maledict
And everything malicious while the mandible is dripping
With a Spirit filled lyric... Pattern like an algorithm
Hungry for the Word- catalyst of my metabolism
Sin is in the air, lingering in secrecy
Elevate your arms intercept the frequencies
I fight “systems,” ripping through its circuitry
And won’t stop until the day I’m lifted to eternity
Rich in the Lord, but I can’t afford the failure
And I am not an artist, I’m the canvas of the Painter
Sin is my nature, my destiny is greater
The devil tried to steal it but I snuck aboard the freighter
A focus on the Lord more lovelier than sterling
Supply you like the Overlord that hovers over Zergling
Knowledge is the opium, I overdose a learner
“Toke” data with an opus that’ll overload the server
Ever since an embryo... endocrine, estrogen,
Separate umbilicus, connecting with the breast and then
Project into development... every step of Erikson,
Complexity of Oedipus I’m stepping up the parenting
Lesson for the adolescent learning with a lack of depth
Electrical activity, adapting the synaptic cleft
The point is, and Ecclesiastes said it best:
Without the love of Christ, homie all of life is meaningless.

If I could buy time, you “bet” I’ll stall through it.
Yo “check,” no half-steppin’, “all in” with God’s music
“Hold’em” fake “hearts,” your bluffs? I call through it.
I’m holding face cards. Tough luck. They’re all suited.
And you could feel it burning in him
Merging with the curvature that be securing nervous system
Cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum
Purposeful, classic, work hard, patience
Open up your heart and let Him fill the vena cava
As the wave depolarize until it infiltrate the chambers (and changes)
My “heart failure’s” wailing for a Savior
He brought me back to life with that baby in a manger
Learning how to chase it with complete consideration
That my every single labor is to Worship the Creator
So I’mma stay spittin’ with a sick configuration
And a “quickening” like babies that be signaling for labor

So this is my flavor: beats, rhymes, and fader
And I’mma keep trying, and each time is greater
Let go of lust, you eyes who hold dearly
It takes more than blindness to make you see clearly
Sudden re-appraisal of what used to be irrelevant
Develops into Truth and is the basis of our presences
I met destiny, then I put my hand in hers
Walking down a staircase, held onto a banister
Grace is now available... pauper down to chancellor
So let the light shine; now I modify the aperture...
And I tried to pay the wages of my vagrancy
The bullets came blazing but He pushed em out the away for me
And when the dust settled... the only thing plain to see
Was a bloody cross that was standing in the vacancy
I was once blind, now the only thing plain to see
Was a bloody cross that was standing in the vacancy

So am I extraordinary?


from 2009 - 2016, released April 16, 2017
Lyrics: NAK
Production: Elyon Beats (@elyonbeats)


all rights reserved



nak California

Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.

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