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White Rice

from ashley court (2017) by nak

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‘Cause Hip-hop is "my house,” homie

Closing on the escrow

I’m “burning up the phonics” like I’m bombing on the Metro
 No need for bread I be getting fed when I don the headphones
 So etch a Biggie quote on my headstone

Here lies: “Sicker Than Ya Average”

Cause “a” death: being fresh, pall bearers do a two step

My procession be kicking like Liu Kang

Hands in the air: be a doing a Wu-Tang

‘Cause I’m misunderstood

A Filipino bred in a mostly White hood

A “Filipino bread?” That’s pan de sal

Let it “sink in” a second: let the pun dissolve

Now let the “pun sit” 

I’m cooking up ya “noodle”

Pituitary, medulla, I want the kit caboodle

My brain assimilating. I try to imitate em

I didn’t want to be different, I tried to entertain em

Now I just ignore them

Nike and Jordan: I can’t afford them

“Can’t quite connect” no network detected

Wi-fi protected: password rejected

Suburbian kid in the West end

All alone spreading all the depression he kept in

There’s only one thing he truly connects with:

Hip-hop. His very first lover, best friend

(Kain) White rice is my soul food

Take a deep a breath if Hip-Hop’s your O2 (breathe in)
 Word to the beat

Before you judge by the cover, learn how to read

I used to rap on a USB headset

Used to battle cats during lunch time

I used to breakdance wrecking em in “six steps”

Used to tag, but I only bombed one time

One two three, elementary to elegant

Chemically perfected in four to nine elements

And then it all developed: passion a full measure 

But momma ain’t accepting it: trying to apply pressure like a hemorrhage
 And tried to “press em’” to walk the path of a doctor

Make the cash, be a father and let the family prosper

But what the heavenly Father started to author 

Is something I couldn’t possibly “box:” ain’t talking “Rocky”

But this art on my “heart is large” (cardiomegaly)

The beat with the rhythm and bars (starting the recipe)

When everyone around might taunt and abandon 

Hip-Hop has always been my constant companion

I would jam with El-P to Aesop

Canibus, Jedi Mind Tricks, the bass drop

Tough or upbeat: Big Pun to Chuck D

Slug always taught me “God could love ugly”

Wu-Tang, Co-Flow, Immortal Technique 

Feel like Nujabes the only one who gets me

CYNE, Shing02

Take a deep breath if Hip-Hop’s your O2

Yes, yes ya'll. And it don't stop

To the sinigang. And it don't stop

To the diniguan. And it don't stop

I get my dinner on when I get the flows off
 Yes, yes ya'll. And it don't stop

To the sinigang. And it don't stop


from ashley court (2017), released January 1, 2017




nak California

Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.

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