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That Nurse

from ashley court (2017) by nak

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I am the nurse. I check the sound of your breath

I put the “round" to your chest

Plan of attack; I’m ‘bout to spazz on a track 

I’m ‘bout to have an arrest

I will assess: I am the “sickest” selection

Any physician will mention

Battle Anak and you getting infected

You really don’t want additional tension

Let’s start then 

I’m the RN with that sharp pen

Don’t click-pop, I don’t spark lead

But you "get shot;” (with a) sharp edge

Attenuated or a live virus

I come fighting on the "mic, Tyson"

All ya’ll “biting” and it’s hard to stop it

“Attack that ear” like I’m ototoxic

Rap the hardest, ya’ll can’t disarm it.

You got a bed alarm? Then you better go arm it
 You gotta get a sitter, and security guard it

Get “beat quick.” Tachycardic

Head to toe assessment is the goal

Stethoscope: I listen to the woes

“Watch (wash) the hands” you, bout’ to catch a cold
 Throat is sore and throbbing in ya skull

How you gonna get turnt every two hours?

My people get turned every two hours

I get the place lit like a call light

I get the “rounds” going off all night

Ya’ll better make sure that the mask fit

I’m about to make sure that you catch this

Ya’ll might wanna type, cross match him

Cause when you match wits

I be beating you fast

Hemoglobin’ll be leaving you fast

Bleeding you into a hemothorax

Ten unit, fluids, and monitor STAT

Vital signs every few seconds to add

Critical, send you directly to that

Get on my “level,” go get me my labs

Battle Anak and you leak on a rag

‘Bout move on’ like you leaving the past

Cap and the gown and the mask and gloves
 Everything black when I’m wearing my scrubs
 I spread the illness and various bugs

All em resisting various drugs

Ain’t popping a gun but I give em a shot

“Correct on (correcting) the rhythm” when I give em a shock
 Administer the medicine up into your jaw

Hit em with another dose of a jab and a cross

You don’t wanna “cross” with a man who pops off top
 Pulling the ox I be stopping ya “pulse ox” 

I stop ya heart: pardon the sin

Now watch me begin: I’ma start it again

I am the nurse. Don’t play with me, I told you

I save the game from dying, I am trained, I am supposed to

“Who that nurse?” 

All the doctors screaming out

“Who that nurse?” 

Pharmacists be freaking out: 

“Who that nurse?”

Throw your hands up to the ceiling, yo

Name is Nak, I’m the nurse, I’ll stop the bleeding now


from ashley court (2017), released January 1, 2017




nak California

Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.

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