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take care

from 2009 - 2016 by nak

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Take Care
Grace: Hope Perfected (2011)


(Dedicated to a person that I once knew.
Three verses. Three phases of my life.)

Love is patient and kind... it's never angry nor boasts
It always trusts, perseveres, always handling hope
Hate, jealousy and pride, it will never provoke...
I want to learn what it means, God... show me the ropes
Hidden within a lie; been living it every day since
-she traded her identity for misinterpretation
The ache and the strain all the weight made her cave in
(And tricked by the serpent, her faith was forsaken)

[When you left]
My face hit the pavement I prayed for you day- in
day out, raincloud, (hail) precipitation-
-Bathed in my hatred, the pain that you gave me.
I know you never left, just your layers were changing
-Faithfully waiting... the pendulum snapped
All I wanted was my best freaking friend to come back
-You knew best that I never looked better in black
You lost track; but I know you much better than that
Watched you adapt; but felt so tethered and strapped
I wasn't able to grab you when you fell and collapsed
-Your new man can't act like he's quelling the fact:
your name's written in my chest- and you spelled it in caps
I miss you; your rhythm, and your beauty and composure
The distance only boosting my immunity to closure
(It's over) Time's up, all the ticking has stopped
Glimpse at the clock; both hands flipping me off

(All the while) I think my sanity is far from my aim's reach
'Cause love and rationality's a fork in the main street
...Unfortunate enough... but of course you betrayed me...
I'm broken like some... sort of a porcelain vase thing-
-quaking, and falling four stories and breaking
...(I want to run away) wherever the Delorean takes me
Like court dates followed by a horrible slaying
-Courting and dating has always found a way enchain me...
(I'm so lucky) I was made to be tossed into a fountain
The toll of the bells... re-sounding my anthem
...Ghost in a shell... now bound to a ransom
Kissed with a witch, rebound with a phantom
...Nak dies when the pride is awakening
...Unshaken by the statements you're making
"The fish in the sea's all yours for the taking"
(You could do better) ...you must not know who I'm chasing

-You disappeared again like a vapor in the wind
And I wish you all the best; with this paper and a pen

...The last thing we said was "have a nice life."
(Didn't think it was right) so this is my official goodbye:
-God has you on His mind... His plan for you is great.
He doesn't care a minute for the past that you made
...They say that you're dense, but I know you're intelligent.
-And wear sunblock. Your skin is so sensitive.
...And watch out for those animals and plants
Prepare in advance; put that Benadryl in your bag
Pray before you act... -I know best you're impulsive..
Before you come back, leave your stress in that ocean
Stay focused... These guys'll want a date
-If you fall hard, just promise me he's an upgrade
I'm so blessed that you came in my life
We haven't spoken in months... but I pray every night
That one day I might meet the real you yet again.
My best friend. (I'll stay here) I'll end there.
Take care.


from 2009 - 2016, released April 16, 2017
Lyrics: NAK
Production: 少先组 aka Clown




nak California

Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.

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