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rogue rap / remix

from all songs (2009 - 2016) by nak

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Rogue Rap (Remix)
Rogue Hearts: The Remixed Sound Collection (2011)


As I’m confronted by assailants, I won’t implement evasion
I put my steady faith in all the basis of creation
Barricaded within Satan’s camp of concentration
Yet I break the chains- spirit chasing liberation
Live in deliberation, and the deeper in the city
The dimmer faces, I’m seated lingering
Platform train station resonating a prayer
To my God, my creator, to deliver the nation
From the whip, slave ship, and the minimum wages
Similar alliteration the be vaguely related
The innovation with wordplay I’m displaying
Meaningless without taking the lesson I’m conveying
Relay it to the streets, from the children to the veterans,
But when they hear the message, the response is always negative
I take my lecture back- I try my best to better it
‘Cause when I rap Christ, there’s a much lesser attentiveness

So even though they may refuse to have a listen to the testaments,
I’m praying that my message will be played in every tenement
Not unto my benefit, but God is my objective
I want the world to see the clarity in my perspective
And though my enemies will persecute and disrespect it
I’ll turn the other cheek no matter how much I’m rejected
Although I’ll lose my body, through his blood that I’m protected
No weapon formed against me- I’ll die to represent it
No method formed against me- I’d rather be beheaded
Although I’ll lose my body, it’s through his blood that I’m protected
I’ll turn the other cheek no matter how much I’m rejected
Even though my enemies will persecute and disrespect it
I want the world to see the clarity in my perspective
Not unto my benefit, but God is my objective
I’m praying that my music will be played in every tenement
I’m spreading Christ’s message- so I’ll deliver it with emphasis

To see the people partner regardless of their complexion
Cradled by the arms of the Maker up in the heavens
When everything is helpless, while you’re lost in the deception,
I’m asking that you comprehend that Christ will be your exit
No matter your direction or the sins that you’ve committed
The lyrics of the Holy Spirit giving you forgiveness
When everybody's failed you, with nobody to stay true
His cross and nails prove that your burdens will be lifted
Christian is a title- what matters is that you live it
It’s more intricate than just the words that you be spitting
The life that you be living- it’s more than a religion
My purpose on this planet is this, so listen in:
To grow in Christ’s knowledge, and to handle the truth
Reaching unity in faith, and be mature in the booth
To die to sin, rid of contamination
And lastly is to share Christ with the nations
Connected through the spirit regardless of the appearances
God ain’t a thought, He’s a Love that you experience
Jehovah masterpiece- we’re molded in his image
Created with a purpose, not by chance or experiment
I know that you be hearing it- the rhymes that I wrote
And even though the world laughs, I’m clinging on this hope
It isn’t easy being hated by the neighbors you know
‘Cause before I loved Christ, friends used to be close
Seasons come go, we know the end is coming close
If no man has my back, I’ll simply walk to it alone
Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will lift up the light and battle till my last breath

Until my candle is wax-less, sight is pitch blackness
I’ll raise my voice with the word of God as my caption
-Scream the love of Christ, so every cat can hear
Until it shatters every layer of the atmosphere
When the world is pitch black, every cat can hear,
The voice of the Anak, and his rap is clear
God be all the glory, my passion sincere
This is Rogue Rap for Christ, new life begins here.


from all songs (2009 - 2016), released April 16, 2017
Lyrics: NAK
Production: MF Doom (metalfacedoom.com)
Engineering: Bakoda (cultclassicrecords.bandcamp.com)




nak California

Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.

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