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march for education / remix

from 2009 - 2016 by nak

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March for Education (Remix)
Rogue Hearts: The Remixed Sound Collection (2011)


Passionate pacifists, with the force of a thousand activists
Blacks, Whites, Asians, Natives, Arab and Hispanic kids
Hold your fist high, now we’re ready to abandon ship
Rock this whole planet, right down to where Atlantis is
We are the activists, passion of a thousand savages
Stand in unity- humanity is what our banner is
We are not silent- and we will remain adamant
Access to education- we march as we’re demanding it!

Today we deface... the face of this atrocity
We are the silver bullets bringing fate to your monstrosity
Stand for education- our posse and camaraderie
Will not be pawns in your game of monopoly
We will not relax, and unlike-that-whack trash
That you feed us through media- I perpetuates facts,
This is not another scandal- or a track about gats
Not another fallacy- it’s not the “best you ever had.”
It’s the issue at hand- impacting my brothers too
Causing’ friction with your fiction like streets and rubber do
When I find a target year to graduate, you add another two
In this war, education is a P.O.W.
So here’s another clue... all your promises are bogus
Although the hope is broken it doesn’t mean that we’re all hopeless
Coincidence there’s profit if we locked up or homeless
Cause when school door closes, the cell block opens
My modus versatile... but its hard to adapt
With high gas, high tax, now the budget is slashed
I gotta max out the plastic’ cause my hand has no cash
After I graduate, I slave to owe it all back...
My flow attacks those who oppose my education
While you’re busy hastily inflating the inflation
Trading life for dollar signs... Without the compensation
Training young minds to be slaves to corporations
Talking education, you parade your mission statement
You ace the speech, but your credibility is fading
You say we need an educated “next generation”
Yet you fail to see that they are steadily failing
No safari- but you holding a machete and you’re loving it
Education’s like the vegetation and you’re cutting it
Like Moses sunnin’ Pharaoh... my people have had enough of it
So now we march the summit- we shaking the ground that’s under us

You could call it treason yet you see the truth will seep in
As we to rise reach achievements while your lies will simply deepen
As you’re demeaning knowledge our is society weakened
You’re creating creatures who are unable reason
And you’re dissing my intelligence, neglecting the present
Stop altering the past- projecting your false lessons
My history class is too biased and demented
And now my education is inferior to weapons?

You’re too arrogant to take heed to all the omens
Philosophers and the prophets have already foretold it
It’s like we’re being punished... And congress demands atonement
I want a bright future, but can’t afford the enrollment
The majority is trapped, slanging drugs and shotties
I say no to budget cuts, and no Illuminati
Defiling human rights, so no to your foreign policies
If Cal State were human, you slashed her whole body
I’m not sorry if my rap causes revolution
I’m not sorry if I’m clarifying the confusion
Certainly not sorry for empowering the youth and
My rights are violated- that’s against the Constitution.
You crooks. You criminals inflicting the pain
Your campaign wanted change, so you shook up the bank
You gave us three strikes... and if we do to you the same-
You’d be 25 to life at the start of the game
And you talk a big game about this and that
But when it comes time to act, you fail to do crap
You condition the people to fuel hate for Iraq...
Yet half the population can’t face it on a map
So I demand an answer, cause I’m honestly stumped
You say we need an education, but the teachers get dumped
And why are children getting dumber, and their test scores suck..
But these bombs that we dropping be getting smarter as...


from 2009 - 2016, released April 16, 2017
Lyrics: NAK
Production: Wizard (wizardbeats.bandcamp.com)
Engineering: Bakoda (cultclassicrecords.bandcamp.com)




nak California

Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.

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