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city love song / remix

from 2009 - 2016 by nak

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City Love Song (Remix)
Rogue Hearts: The Remixed Sound Collection (2011)


This stress is so old, but the moon is still young
I adapt to the smog- developing steel lungs
Let’s abandon this life for just this one night
I’m on a date with the angels until the sun rise
It’s like my passion and actions are a magnet
With opposite reactions; in fact, they’re attracted
And I’m so infatuated with her soul so attractive
The beauty of her fashion; now Cupid’s my assassin
Imagination wanting more than a tease
I’ll compete until my essence be absorbing her steeze
Take the keys from the jeans, as we thrust to the street
Gas touch floor, and the clutch will release

Now I’m stuck to the seat, me and gravity hug tight
I’m pushed back; like I wasn’t holding the gun right
A flood of insight, when the mood is completed
The windows fully rolled down, the moon roof receded
Fitted and adidas be caressed by the speakers
That’s in through one ear, with blue-tooth- like features
-And if the city is a forest then the buildings are the cedars
Exploring every corner before the coroner sees us
-Lone orator finally found a companion
Manifested in the barren metropolitan canyon
And the night light covers like a drape or a blanket
It ain’t the same than what they got described in the pamphlet
Life’s a sound track, when this car goes faster-
-Add a session with the city then the tracks are mastered
Los Angeles attached to my heart, like a laniard
-And when my car’s in transit, these angels are the passengers

Maneuvering it faster, through the tunnels and land bridges
Entranced by the lights, metaphysical back flipping
The mastiff of rap ish, a passion for hand-lin’
Craft that enamors these chicks with attraction
It’s infinity; the city completing the symphony
Proficiently; but with these lyrics are my affinity
Love slice the air with precision through vicinities
Elegant and delicate agility and symmetry
And music is the session; with speech, we jam well
With enough soul to make a Jazz piece look stale
-Let’s ditch the safe side, tonight we take chance
Getting lost in the bliss till buildings can breakdance

So set the tone baby, cause I want feel your breath alone
According to my tempo, my heart beat’s the metronome
Let me take the lead, and you could follow full heartedly
Reciting you my song, while you’re singing me the harmony
It’s Romeo and Juliet; so hold me close and truly yet
I’m lonely so I’m taking these emotions and I’m fooling it
I pray you fall from a tall place, and fast too
Cause that’s the only way I could run fast and catch you
So attached to... the woman standing in my mirror image
-Imperfection’s my only way of showing heroism
It’s lyricism simply ‘cause I ain’t the best addressing ya
Poetry, cause I ain’t the best confessing love
Longing for what’s better, for my always and forever
And I be first to admit; I’m a novice giving pleasure
-And through the sickness of the Winter to the Summer’s embrace
I spill my heart for you at night and we can watch the sky illuminate
It’s hard to estimate on what time we will get there
Cause bliss makes time feel suspended in mid air
If wish it’d be fair to wish that could be time altered
I’ll savor every moment till it turns to nostalgia.
So meet me at the altar, cause I’m waiting where the service is
Despite the nervousness, you know my love for you is permanent
I can’t wait ‘till we’re alone... just your beauty with the sun and I
I wrote for you a poem but the lyrics turned to butterflies
Your lullaby the best at inspiring the inner child in me
Preaching it so vibrantly; yet you’re speaking so silently
It’s sexy how you got me deciphering all the irony
If I could only carry our future inside this time machine
I’m in love with these angels; if your streets could talk,
Imma hug em till I’m just another piece of chalk
Your love’s a firing squad, so baby fire at will.
I pray that when I gaze into you, time would just stand still


from 2009 - 2016, released April 16, 2017
Lyrics: NAK
Production: Ruff Trak (reverbnation.com/rufftrak)
Engineering: Bakoda (cultclassicrecords.bandcamp.com)




nak California

Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.

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