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ashes, ashes / sister

from 2009 - 2016 by nak

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Ashes, Ashes (Sister)
"Sincerely," EP (2012)
NAK & Elyon Beats


Time unravels the layers we need to hide scars
The rhyme enables the prayer to see the silent star
A buried destiny, I scoop a shovel full of dirt,
En route to tunnel through the Earth, entombed in rubble- full of work
I knocked twice to be polite with no answer
I camped beside your manor, ma’am pardon my manners
I visited your ‘broken’ heart and it was skipping beats
She wages inner war to aid in finding missing “piece”
Believe, I’d lead that search party
I’d speak to those demons, defeat your cursed harpy
Dance with rain- relieve your burnt heartbeat
You bleed- so deceived- you seem to hurt hardly
Go on, sell the irony in romance:
She laughed when the anguish held her tight like a slow dance
And it was never part of your plan.
I feel your hell but you melt while you’re felt by its cold hands
Locks of compartments starting to get rusty
Your secrets might suffocate, sister
The closet stayed permanently shut since the day you lost custody
Of your true self. Now I miss her.
Now I’m “locked” in this thought, deciphering ‘combinations’
But how am I ever going to solve her
And no amount of thunderbolts will ever stop me contemplating
I just want to say “I love you” but I know I’ll sound awkward

Mask it. Mask it. It’s all solved now.
“Ashes, ashes, we all fall down”
Mask it. Mask it. It’s all solved now.
“Ashes, ashes.”

Username, pass as she opens the lock
“‘Watch time’ flies” now she “floats with the clock”
Hand on a mouse, other propping her chin
“Monitor’s,” the abyss, and it’s tossing her in
Now pop come the images of friends and factions
Crafted, manufactured with trends and fashion
Models... actress... so hot and attractive
With aspects flawless... dolls made out of plastic
She want attention... she feeling so empty
Want to be be mentioned, she want to feel sexy
She gave her all... never giving enough
‘Cause she felt her profile wasn’t skinny enough
And she felt like her face wasn’t pretty enough
So she buried her truth behind makeup
And now she’s watching her reflection- threw her faith into ocean
Waves undertake the mutilation of emotion
And so comes the self conscious monster
Chomping on her arms and scarring God’s artwork
Acting like daughters of incompetent fathers
Like your life story’s by a somnolent author...

It never ceases to amaze me- in pieces I am breaking
(‘Cause I’m) Sinking in this tank while the water’s barely waist deep
(And your) Heart and stomach quaking (While my) art is dissipating
(As you) Unlock your arms and embrace the undertaking
Take it into context, doll, you’re so complex.
Looking so honest when you’re called up on set
Even death could rest inside that JPEG
She gave her heart away... forget the rib cage
Allure synonymous with a common abusing
Now I wonder if it’s worth really being a cutie
There’s nothing “sweet” about “baked batter” and bruising
Girl, stop bowing to fake standards of beauty
Far from ever judging you, but promise that you’ll trust me
I feel our every awkward interaction isn’t something
That will validate my love for you, I don’t know how prove it
I want to be your brother, I just don’t know how to do it
And opportunities came, and I refused to take them
Forget the expectation... I guess all I’m saying’s that
If time ever had regrets you bet that I would take it back
And tell you what I thought the very second that it came to pass
Smile for me... it’s not like it’s a sad song.
My hand knocks, now I’m sorry but I can’t stop.
You’re wonderful and you don’t have to put that act on
You’re beautiful. You don’t have to put that mask on

Ashes, ashes, it’s all solved now.
Mask after mask, they will all burn down
Ashes, ashes, it’s all solved now
Mask after mask, they will all fall down

You’re wonderful. You don’t have to put that act on.
You’re beautiful. You don’t have to put that mask on.


from 2009 - 2016, released April 16, 2017
Lyrics: NAK
Production: Elyon Beats (@elyonbeats)


all rights reserved



nak California

Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.

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